Postpaid Internet

Sun Classic Sun AirOptic Sun DSL Sun GPON
download/upload speed up to 3/0.5 Mbps up to 5/0.5 Mbps up to 10/1 Mbps up to 50/50 Mbps
monthly traffic unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 1
monthly price 499 MKD 499 MKD 899 MKD 1299 MKD
installation fee 500 MKD 1500 MKD 1500 MKD 1500 MKD
required equipment +100 MKD / month +150 MKD / month included included
contract length 1 year 2 years 2 2 years 3 2 years 4


  1. after using 600 GB in the ongoing month, the connection speed is lowered to 5/5 Mbps
  2. for a 1 year contract, the Sun AirOptic offer costs 599 denars per month
  3. for a 1 year contract, the Sun DSL offer costs 999 denars per month
  4. for a 1 year contract, the Sun GPON offer costs 1499 denars per month

Additional Information

  • These offerings depend on technical feasibility at the requested location and may not be available everywhere
  • SunWireless reserves the right to implement a fair use policy for Internet access
  • Existing SunWireless customers can migrate to one of the above offers by paying off their debt (if any) and signing a new contract
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