Hotzone Advertising

With the SunWireless Hotzone Advertising service, the customers are given the opportunity to reach effectively their target groups.

Your announcement on the SunWireless Hotzone Login Page may be targeted as per several parameters:

  • Desktop or Mobile Access
    Targeting based on the device, which the customer uses to connect to the Internet.
  • Location
    Targeting based on the location of the user – any location within our network.
  • Language
    Targeting based on the language of the customer, as used on the login page.

These possibilities give you the freedom to choose your target group and to reach it directly with your advertisement – unlike the standard online advertising.

Example: If you want to target business users – you can advertise on the hotspots in the following manner “Business lounge at the TAV Airports” and/or “Aleksandar Palace” Hotel.

Example: If you want to target students or young people - you can advertise on the hotspots in the following manner “Students Residence”, “Skopje City Center” etc.

In addition, the targeting may be done by cities, villages or settlements.

Each campaign is done by buying impressions for a given hot zone (location) as per the budget determined by the advertiser.

You can read more on these positions and different advertising methods in the Hotzone Advertising Catalogue give below.

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