About SunWireless

Anic-Sistemi doo was established in 1999 with primary focus on providing ICT services. The company started offering web-design and software programming services for clients on the Macedonian market and relatively fast expanded its activities and work scope in the region and aborad. As the company grew, its service portfolio also grew, and the company started designing and implementing projects related to system integration and network infrastructures.

In 2007, the company focused its activities on wireless network communications and successfully realised a pilot-project. This success provided us with support and means to implement our own wireless network, that is, the necessary infrastructure to become a national operator for wireless telecommunications.

We started with commercial activities as a national operator in 2008 under our own brand SunWireless and currently we are expanding our network in all major cities in Macedonia. The head office of the company is in Skopje, and apart from offices in Strumica, Struga and Tetovo, we operate attractive retail stores offering IT equipment bundled with Internet services. In the meantime we are developing our national network for direct and indirect sales.


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